Maintenance Technician at PUMA Energy, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Maintenance Technician at PUMA Energy, Johannesburg, South Africa

Main Purpose:

To maintain Retail/B2B/Terminal/Aviation equipment through effective planned maintenance, inspections, certification and equipment service programs, efficient spares management and prompt execution of breakdowns in order to ensure that equipment is in a sound state at all times and adhering to engineering standards in accordance with the Puma HSE policies and guidelines and the maintenance procedures and processes.

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Principally the role consists of the following:
1. Ensure that the Global Maintenance Processes and Standards are executed effectively and efficiently.
2. Monitor and Control the day-to-day compliance of the Annual Maintenance Plan & Budget (OPEX).
3. Monitor and Control the quality of the Contractor’s works by:
– Unannounced site visits to the field in order to audit the planned work and corrective works.
– Implement routine quality checks to control the failures trends, level of corrective maintenance, and costs associated.
4. Co-ordinate maintenance activities with internal stakeholders, Dealers, Contractor, Suppliers and any other external stakeholders.
5. Provide front-end support for all maintenance related queries/activities.
6. Prioritize maintenance activities based on equipment criticality & service station grading matrix
7. Ensure compliance with Puma HSE Standards.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:


  • The main role of the Maintenance technician is to execute maintenance activities, control the works and supervision of Contractors.
  • Execution of maintenance activities includes but not limited to the following- Pump maintenance (both PM and Breakdowns) and Diagnosing mechanical and electrical faults
  • Responsible for carrying out the workload assigned him.
  • Carries out un-scheduled and emergency work on his own initiative.
  • Ensure that maintenance activities are executed timeously and efficiently.
  • Be the first point of contact between external stakeholders and Puma.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders on all maintenance related queries and ensure that stakeholders are kept informed at all times. Interface at ground level with the technicians doing the job, if he/she not doing the job himself, and ensure – Timely completion, Quality control and Cost control
  • Perform a review of all completed jobs and close out the work order documentation on a daily basis. Unfinished jobs must be carried forward on the weekly plan with a priority to complete open jobs before starting new ones – or unless otherwise directed by the Maintenance Supervisor or Maintenance Manager. Prioritize the contractors works based on the criticality of the equipment and the service station grading matrix.
  • Reschedule weekly work to handle emergencies and the Backlog. Ensure that the downtime of equipment/facilities is kept within the agreed performance KPI’s.
  • Ensure that the turnaround times agreed between stakeholders are respected at all times.
  • Assist with performing root cause analysis on all failures relating to equipment identified as “critical” so that the root cause can be identified and eliminated. Assist in scheduling planned maintenance activities.
  • Use the Maintenance IT Tools, (The Asset Guardian, (TAG) and Maintenance Web Portal), to schedule and control maintenance activities.
  • Maintain the TAG database by ensuring that all required information is captured correctly and accurately.
  • Use the Maintenance IT Tool, (Qlikview) monitor and control compliance, contractor performance, costs, failure analysis, backlog and KPI’s.
  • Maintain the TAG database by ensuring that all required information is captured correctly and accurately. Ensure that failure analysis information is completed for all completed work orders.
  • Maintain the Asset Verification data
  • Provide regular feedback to the maintenance supervisor/responsible on the contractor performance.
  • Highlight to the maintenance responsible any equipment and service stations that do not fall within the KPI’s set.
  • Provide feedback on ways to improve the maintenance processes and standards already set out.


Advanced certificate or Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or any other related field with a minimum experience of five years in field operations as a technician

Key Relationships and Department Overview:

Internal stakeholder

About PUMA Energy

Puma Energy is a leading global energy business which supplies, stores and distributes petroleum products in 48 countries across six continents. Founded in 1997, Puma Energy has its headquarters in Singapore and Geneva and employs over 8,000 people globally with regional hubs in South Africa, Puerto Rico, Australia and Estonia and have recently setup a Global Delivery Center in Mumbai, India.

Puma Energy has a network of 100 storage terminals, more than 3,000 retail sites, and a presence at over 80 airports. Our mission is to energize communities to help drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving our customers’ needs in high potential countries around the world

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