Tongaat Hulett Internship Application 2024

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Tongaat Hulett Internship Application 2024

Tongaat Hulett Sugar Internship Opportunity

Welcome to Tongaat Hulett. Thank you for expressing an interest in our Internship opportunity. You are required to complete the following questions as part of our initial screening. 

Eligible Qualifications

Advance Diploma in Human Resources, Diploma in Human Resources, Advance Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology, Advance Diploma in Agriculture (Crop)Diploma in Agriculture (Crop), BEng Tech in Mechanical Engineering, BEng Tech in Electrical Engineering, Other (please specify)

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CV, ID copy, Matric, academic results, letter from institution requesting 12 months work experience and proof of residence

About Tongaat Hullett

Tongaat Hulett is a leading agri-business in sugar, ethanol, animal feeds and cattle, with a significant asset base and footprint in Southern Africa.

Tongaat Hulett’s ongoing agriculture activities mean we have a substantial land portfolio within the primary growth corridors of KwaZulu-Natal, with strong policy support for conversion at the appropriate time.

In partnering with key stakeholders, Tongaat Hulett has created mutually beneficial relationships for its shareholders, governments, private farmers and their representative bodies, communities, employees, as well as the people impacted by our company’s operations. 

Tongaat Hulett operates four sugar mills in South Africa, located on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast and in the Zululand region. Together, these mills are able to produce more than 1 million tons of sugar per year from cane sourced from rain-fed own estates, large-scale commercial, and small-scale private farmers in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

The operation’s central refinery in Durban produces 600 000 tons of high-quality refined sugar per year, with the primary product being the leading Huletts® sugar brand. The South African sugar product range offers a total sweetener solution, including a range of high-intensity sweeteners.

Tongaat Hulett carry out land conversion activities by collaborating closely with the public sector, communities and other businesses. These partnerships continue to increase in scope and socio-economic impact. Our development activities support a comprehensive, embedded social programme and are yielding increasing opportunities for well-located, affordable neighbourhoods, enabling transformation of ownership and participation in the real estate value chain. Of the sugarcane land supplying our company’s South African sugar mills, only 7% is owned by Tongaat Hulett, while the area under black ownership now exceeds 41%.

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