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The BDO RED Vacation work Programme- SAICA Trainee Accountant Audit Johannesburg 2024

The BDO RED Vacation work Programme- SAICA Trainee Accountant Audit Johannesburg 2024

About BDO?

As a full service commercial bank, BDO offers various products and services including deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, remittances, investment options, insurance, and wealth management solutions. Whether it’s personal banking needs like savings accounts or home loans, or corporate requirements such as business loans and treasury services, BDO strives to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.


A vacation work program called BDO RED (Readiness Experience Drive) is intended to help you get ready for the future. You’ll learn more about the ways in which our interdisciplinary approach enables us to accomplish our objectives and the prospects for career advancement that these fields present. As a participant in the program, you will have the chance to engage in client projects, attend workshops, and develop vital soft skills that will give you the advantage when you successfully transition from college to the job.

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The BDO RED program is a one- to two-week course designed for CTA and third-year students. The two-day BDO RED Lite program is designed for first- and second-year students. Applicants must be enrolled in courses leading to an accounting degree recognized by SAICA. Through Accountant direct exposure to the work we undertake, you will experience the complex problems we face and gain a first-hand look at the corporate world. You’ll learn about your potential influence with the support of our mentorship program and nurturing atmosphere.

Key Interests

The Trainee Accountant vacancies are for 2024 first year trainees wanting to start their training contract within the BDO Audit division. The training Accountant contract will ensure that you achieve the SAICA competencies to register as a Chartered Accountant and equip you with generalist expertise and experience in a broad range of commercial sectors. As a BDO Audit professional, you’ll work in a fast-paced environment and help BDO to deliver exceptional client service.  

We are looking for candidates who would like:
•Exposure to a broad range of client sectors;
•Hands on experience with clients and management;
•Open door policy with managers and partners;
•To learn about a broad range of businesses  from listed entities to entrepreneurial start ups;
•A supportive environment that is focused on skills development and professionalism.


• Honours / PGDA / CTA or equivalent level qualification at a SAICA recognised University.


•Keen willingness to learn and bring energy and aspiration to audit team;
•Strong technical ability;
•High level of attention to detail and analytical and problem solving abilities;
•Ability to communicate effectively;
•Ability to relate to clients;
•Ability to apply sound professional judgement;
•Demonstrate a commitment to self-development and growth;
•Ability to work within diverse teams;
•Strong organisational ability.

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Work Level

  • Student/Graduate

Job Type

  • Contract


Market Related


  • 3 Years +

EE Position

  • No


JHB North

What you can expect when you join BDO.

1. A commitment to creating unlimited growth by giving our people continuous opportunities 
2. A friendly and supportive culture, surrounded by teammates who are on the same journey as you
3. Collaboration and an open-door policy, all the way up to our CEO as an Accountant
4. A mentor to guide and challenge you
5. Exposure to a range of clients, from large JSE-listed companies to smaller owner-managed businesses
6. Opportunities to show you care through our CSI initiatives

7. A chance to meet other colleagues at our Sports & Social functions
8. Secondment opportunities for qualifying staff
9. Hands-on involvement in audit work from the day you join
10. A choice of six offices in South Africa offering audit work. Our other offices do Advisory work and as such traineeships are not available in Nelspruit, Roodepoort, Stellenbosch.
11. A firm big enough to be able to access the best group of experts for a client’s needs from our national and international network, and small enough to be responsive and innovative in tackling challenges.

How To Apply

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